The management of a clothing store very often requires different and multi-channel skills that go well beyond the simple care of the relationship of purchase and sale with customers. However, not all those who decide to enter this sector have the necessary skills or resources to invest in external professionals. In cases like this, a good solution is to rely on technology and professional store management software that can simplify and improve the productivity of every type of business. With this guide, we see the areas in which management programs can improve the lives of shopkeepers and which are the most useful measures to optimize the many operations that characterize the everyday life of shops.

Purchase management

Good management software can guarantee the ordering of purchases according to the year, season, line and supplier. In addition, the program can be used to automatically tick orders based on the lists created and to produce the barcodes of individual items directly upon arrival of the goods.

Sales management

Very often one of the most difficult operations for the shopkeeper is to manage the legal and bureaucratic aspects related to sales. Choosing a store management software could simplify these operations by guaranteeing the possibility of carrying out all types of sales (with the receipt of a detailed receipt, invoice, with the issue of tax free and with down payment), providing credit and customer purchase history, allowing easy implementation of discounts, promotions and loyalty cards. Finally offering the possibility to the operator to automatically close the cash box by sending an email to the company owner.

Cash transactions

In recent years, sales channels have multiplied and payment methods have gone hand in hand. Investing on a cash shop software able to manage any type of balance and categorize it by type and to create a history of each type of cash transaction carried out could bring rapid increases in productivity to the business and considerable savings in time to be able to re – invest in the care of the relationship with the customer.

Warehouse management

Especially for larger activities it becomes essential to manage the organization of the warehouse (or warehouses) in a homogeneous manner. The best programs allow you to create a history of the movements of goods, to track the shipment and produce a transport document. During the transfer request, moreover, with the most advanced software it is possible to view the size of the product that you wish to transfer, and it is also possible to move with the help of portable batch terminals.

Data analysis

One of the vital operations to improve store productivity is to know the data of its business and those of direct competition. Relying on a management software means having a complete and daily overview of the overall life of the store and being able to intervene to correct any imperfections and sales slowdowns. The best programs are able to provide the required data at any time and to layout them in pie and histograms.

Administration and finance

The administrative area has a thousand facets and different skills. For those who are not able to take this aspect in depth, it becomes fundamental to rely on technology; technology able to manage in a simple and unitary way all the financial aspects including: General Accounting and VAT, Accounting / Customers Accounting, Reclassification of Financial Statements, Fulfillment IV EEC directive, Calculation of default interest, etc.

E-mail management

If you have chosen to take care of customer relations via e-mail, it is essential to know the message opening rates, clicks and hours of reading. All aspects that the email marketing software should provide allows the owner to have an overview of the data each time the messages are sent to the customer list.

Mobile payment systems

Adopting payment systems through mobile devices could improve store productivity by making operations much simpler and more immediate. Today, potential customers can buy at any time and anywhere simply by tapping on the screen of a smartphone and without the need for cash: this is why it is essential to guarantee the possibility even at your store. Offering mobile payment options, both online and offline, makes the buying process easier, with the positive consequence of increasing conversion rates and the number of customers


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