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Search Engine Ranking, Comparative Between Google And Bing

Why are most of the search engine positioning focused on Google? Probably, this is one of the biggest questions we have when we consider segmenting the market of our brand or website in a search engine such as Google or Bing. In short, we are talking about doing SEO to place our company in the first place of a search engine.

Focusing on Google, will not always be optimal for our brand. Well, depending on the type of target we are targeting, it will be interesting to carry out the positioning in one search engine or another. Knowing and analyzing previously through which platforms our clients reach our web page will be fundamental to see if it is worthwhile to the position in Bing or position in Google. Although the truth is that the Google search engine in Spain monopolizes the largest market sector, compared to Bing. But what if you are an SME interested in investing in the entire digital world? Then, you must know what advantages and disadvantages each search engine has in terms of positioning.

Advantages of positioning in Bing

As we mentioned, according to the market to be dealt with, SEO in Bing can be highly recommended, especially if we are talking about a target located in the United States or, it is a user of a certain age and with little experience. In that case, this search engine is essential for our positioning strategy.

Also, unlike Google, the search engine integrates the results of Facebook. And not only that, Bing is one of the best search engines to a position when we talk about multimedia content such as videos.

Advantages of positioning in Google

When we talk about positioning in Google, we must know that it is the best search engine in the world in terms of basic searches, images and, above all, news. Also, unlike Bing, the positioning of blogs is very effective. So, if you have a blog you should know that Bing does not give much importance to this type of platform.

Similarities between Google and Bing

The strategies to take in positioning in Google and Bing are very similar. But before knowing what method to use it is essential to know them:

Off-page SEO: We refer to off page when we talk about SEO that we will carry out outside of our own website. Such as link building, guest post, the backlinks, even something much simpler such as social networks or forums.

Keyword: For the two search engines, selecting a keyword or keyword is the fundamental basis for a good web positioning. To know them in depth and to make a good analysis according to the factor that we want to promote is essential. Therefore, we can find two types: According to the volume of searches and according to the user’s intention. The best-known tools for creating analytical reports are Google Adwords and Bing adCenter.

Domain name: Related to the previous similarity, it is necessary to emphasize that both Google and Bing give importance to the fact that the name of the web domain uses a word that identifies the type of business. That is, if we talk about a communication company it would be interesting for the two search engines that the word “communication” appears in the name.

SEM: Payment results. And is that as we have previously mentioned, the two search engines have their own tools such as Google Adwords and Bing adCenter in which the status of our website paid for in the search engine.

Differences between Google and Bing

At first glance, we could say that the two search engines are very similar and that it makes more sense to position in one or the other as our consumers use them. We all wonder how to make my brand appear in the first results, the truth is that web positioning in a search engine is a background job:

Domain age: If we looked back, we would see that Google had given a lot of importance to the age of the domain at the time. But currently, it is not something that has much weight in the search engine. For Bing, however, it is a factor to be taken into account in the positioning.

Header tags: We refer to the famous H1, H2, and H3, which visually only change the size of the letter on our website. On the other hand, when we talk about SEO, the H1 is one of the most important for Google, giving it a lot of importance since it usually also contains the main keyword. In the case of Bing, this type of header text is still not considered relevant.

Meta description: This factor is important for Bing when our main keyword appears in the meta description. In the case of Google, it has no relevance.

Penalties: Everyone knows the algorithm of Google, and it includes a series of penalties if users do not respect the guidelines that the search engine allows. As for Bing, this type of restrictions are not known, so the positioning campaigns tend to be more aggressive.


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